Peak of the Market turns 75

With roots going back to 1942, the Peak of the Market farmers’ cooperative has survived not only World War II but weather wars as well. In 2017, the grower-owned cooperative celebrates 75 years with fresh stories about the 20 families now growing vegetables today. 


“It’s not often that businesses survive this long, so it’s good that we take a moment to honour the history,” says Larry McIntosh, president and CEO, Peak of the Market. “We had our best year in 74 years,” he said, commenting on the 2016 fiscal year ending June 30.  Peak of the Market earned $105 million dollars in sales for 2015/2016.  “We saw growth in many crops in most of the markets we deliver to,” he says.


The cooperative continues to seek growers for specific crops including:  Brussels sprouts, eggplant, green onions, radishes, napa and Taiwan cabbage and turnips. Conversations are underway for the 2017 crop year. Trials continue with sweet potatoes that might mature in the Manitoba climate. Okra is another crop of interest.


Cold storage expansion is underway at the Winnipeg headquarters with the $1.3 million project nearing completion in March 2017. More energy-efficient cooling coupled with gravity-fed racking will make the operation more competitive for year-round storage of root crops. 


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Publish date: 
Friday, December 30, 2016

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