Potatopia opens in Toronto

Potato utopia is coming to downtown Toronto.  Potatopia, the New Jersey-based, fast-food kiosk, will be opening at the Yonge Sheppard Centre. 


Founder Allen Dikker found fame with his inspired recipes for potatoes all ways: baked, fried, smashed and mashed with toppings that range from cheese to veggies to proteins. According to his website, he opened the first 154-square-foot kiosk store in a New Jersey mall in 2011.


“Our founder knew this concept would have its many challenges introducing a unique and different concept of what was currently in the marketplace,” says the website author. “So he felt the only way to really get a sense of sustainability and eventually credibility was to test the product and brand in a mall setting where you compete with many major national chains.”


The kiosk was a low-cost investment in understanding who the target consumer might be. The mall setting offered exposure to consistent traffic of all cultures, races and age groups. Potatopia reaches mass audiences while offering customization in local markets.  The concept is now in New Jersey and Florida. 

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Friday, August 17, 2018

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