Public trust in the food system has eroded in the last year

New research from the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity’s (CCFI) 2021 Public Trust Research Report shows that Canadians are interested in improving the food system as a whole. Through qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, the results demonstrate that consumers are interested in advancing overarching matters of the food system such as food affordability, profit-driven systems and sustainability, while asking for more transparency. 


The research indicates that of the 2,202 Canadians sampled, the proportion of Canadians who felt that Canada’s food system is headed in the right direction has significantly declined after a considerable improvement in 2020. Most respondents who jumped from the ‘right direction’ option went straight to the ‘don’t know’ category. These results show that consumers are overwhelmed with information and do not know which way to turn.


“Respondents do not feel they can confidently say that the food system is moving in the right or wrong direction because they simply don’t know what information to trust,” explained John Jamieson, president and CEO for the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity. “The information doesn’t appear transparent due to the vast amount of conflicting misinformation.”


For the first time, global warming and environmental issues have made the top five list of concerns for Canadians. This data demonstrates how environmental concerns influence consumers everyday lives and the importance of a sustainable food system to Canadians. The research reveals that the global pandemic has not affected trust levels among Canadians. Respondents indicated that they do not feel it was more difficult to access food during the pandemic, with some even saying it was easier. There was minimal mention of empty grocery store shelves with respondents indicating this was only for “hot ticket items.”


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Source:  Canadian Centre for Food Integrity October 20, 2021

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Saturday, October 23, 2021

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