Pumpkin farmer

We have been following Andrew Campbell’s video series called The Dinner Starts Here as he tours 52 Canadian farms in 52 weeks. Of particular interest to us are  his visits to fruit and vegetable farms. The last one was a watermelon farmer and the latest is a pumpkin farmer.


Kelsey Banks grew up in eastern, Ontario helping on a fruit and vegetable farm. She has since moved to her grandparent’s farm, Laurel Lea Farms near Orangeville. In the video, she talks about some of the challenges that farmers in her area face including, the rising cost of farmland, especially only living one hour from Toronto and with that comes urban sprawl.


Currently she is working full time off the farm in agri-business and is trying her hand at growing pumpkins. We asked Banks why she felt it was important to participate in Andrew Campbell’s initiative to reach urban audiences with his video series. Here is what she had to say.


“I think it is a great opportunity to teach families about pumpkin production,” she said. “My goal of being involved is to help show people how and why I grow pumpkins.”


Banks has added a new feature to her grandparent’s farm this year, a U-Pick which opens the weekend of October 7-8th. You can visit her farm’s Facebook page here

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

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