Raspberries showcased by Global Plant Genetics

L-R: Jamie Smith, James Hutton LImited and Jamie Petchell, Global Plant Genetics

U.K.-based Global Plant Genetics and James Hutton Limited (the commercial subsidiary of renowned The James Hutton Institute) are close to launching  a range of new raspberry selections. The breeding program at James Hutton Limited started to work on primocane raspberries in 2012.


Two new primocane cultivars, awaiting confirmed names for P4 and P5, will be released. Underpinning the raspberry program is a world-class level of science, ensuring that the development of improved varietal traits is taking place at an impressive, but targeted rate.


A range of scientific papers by institute researchers looked at areas such as marker-assisted breeding and genomic selection techniques, understanding raspberry viruses and detection, high-health plant production and maintenance facilities, as well as opportunities for the use of bespoke mycorrhizae fungi in benefiting raspberry cultivations. 


Jamie Petchell of GPG commented, “We are delighted to have struck a raspberry representation deal with the world-renowned James Hutton Limited program. Their raspberry varieties have been well-known globally for a long time now. Their recent developments present growers across the world with an opportunity to access material that will further boost their own production. The new varieties deliver on all levels required in today’s competitive raspberry landscape. They are truly world-class.”


The breeding program continues to work on improved types of floricane raspberry as well. A new low-chill variety with early season fruiting characteristics will also soon be named also. It is currently known as F6 and has been selected for its all-round abilities, including a wonderful flavour and the significant presence of the James Hutton Limited Phytophthoraresistance marker giving robust resistance to Raspberry Root Rot.


Jamie Smith of James Hutton Limited added, “It is great to see these new raspberry genetics come to fruition with their imminent commercial release. We are looking forward to working with Global Plant Genetics as they develop them across their network of raspberry specialists across the world.”


Global Plant Genetics has published an introductory video of the P5 selection on its YouTube channel. A link to this can be found here - http://bit.ly/P5primocaneraspberry


Source:  Global Plant Genetics October 11, 2019 news release 

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