Real impact in the Jamaican community

One pay cheque to a seasonal agricultural worker can support more than eight people back in Jamaica. That’s one of the key messages delivered in the latest video from the Canadian Horticultural Council. 


Murray Porteous, Lingwood Farms, explains that the ripple effect of employment is much different in Jamaica than in Canada.


“In Canada, the mentality is for the employed individual to get ahead,” says Porteous. “In Jamaica, a pay cheque to one individual allows the entire community to get ahead.”  


As Jamaican worker Eric Johnson explains, he’s used his earnings to start a woodworking shop and wishes to start a company to employ more people. His employment under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program in Canada allows him to send his children to school.


Johnson is one of several thousand Jamaicans who come to Canada every year in work in horticulture. 


To view this video “For My Community” in the Heartbeat series, go to this link:


Source:  Canadian Horticultural Council June 27, 2019 shorts 

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