Star Group champions sustainability

The Star Group of Canadian produce companies is focusing on science-based solutions to reduce the use of plastics in its packaging. At the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) event in Montreal, Star Group CEO David Karwacki encouraged the produce industry to work together.


“We all know that people want to make a difference in reducing plastic. As an industry if we join together we can make changes quickly," he said.


The Star Group sees harmonization of its plastics into a single stream, and greater use of bio-based plastics as two promising future moves. To date, they’ve implemented top seal on multiple products resulting in a 30 per cent reduction in plastic per container. It’s also launched Inspired Greens whole head lettuce in recyclable sleeves, transforming two million potential pounds of PETE plastic to under 100,000 pounds of recyclable sleeves.


Other initiatives include: reductions in the gauge of plastic in packaging resulting in up to 11 per cent reduction per punnet; investment in pallet wrapping machines that use recyclable wrap in all facilities; recycling of cardboard and plastic; composting of all organic waste; offices recycling of paper, plastic, refundable containers and elimination of plastic water bottles.




Source:, April 3, 2019







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