Stop disease, control spores with liquid Forum

BASF Canada Inc. (BASF) has been granted registration for Forum fungicide for control of late blight and downy mildew in horticultural crops.

The highly-systemic, anti-sporulant activity of liquid Forum stops the spread of late blight and downy mildew while also preventing new infections. When used in potatoes prior to harvest, Forum will also reduce storage rots.

“BASF is really pleased to be bringing Forum to Canadian growers. We believe that its ability to stop the spread of late blight or downy mildew will make it an invaluable tool for our customers,” commented Scott Hodgins, BASF horticultural product brand manager.

The active ingredient in Forum is dimethomorph, a Group 40 fungicide. It should always be tank mixed with another fungicide, such as a protectant registered for control of late blight or downy mildew.

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Publish date: 
Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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