Strawberries under lights

Mucci Farms has announced phase two of their strawberry farm development with a 12-acre expansion of Boem Berry Farms, doubling the current footprint to 24 acres—more than one million square feet, to be in operation in the fall of 2017.


"Consumers today are emphasizing healthy eating and are willing to pay for products that have superior flavour along with high standards for nutrition and food safety,” says Joe Spano, vice-president of sales and marketing. “We see a demand for more greenhouse-grown strawberries in the market."


Mucci Farms and Dutch growers Ton Bastiaansen and Joost van Oers struck a partnership in January 2016 after three years of trialling. Today they are exclusively growing strawberries in the largest, controlled environment, strawberry farm in North America. The berries are marketed by Mucci Farms under their Smuccies brand.


"Greenhouse strawberries are grown in an environment that uses 100 per cent of the fertilizer," says Blake Fischer, head strawberry grower at Mucci Farms. "We can tailor nutrients to exactly what the plant needs, allowing the product to grow exactly as intended with maximum flavour and consistency. Our strawberries are clean, harvested with immense care, and grown in a biologically and climate controlled environment."


Like the first 12 acres, the additional space will also use diffused glass which provides even sunlight to the crops and reduces stress on the plants, says George Dekker, special projects manager at Mucci Farms. The growers will incorporate high pressure fogging systems to cool down the greenhouse in the summer and also use the swing gutter system to allow for maximum plants per square meter.


Phase three of the expansion, scheduled for 2018, will include state-of-the-art lit culture technology, in order to offer locally grown strawberries during the winter months under grow lights.


Look for greenhouse-grown Smuccies in stores now.


Source:  Mucci Farms news release

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Monday, April 17, 2017

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