Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery Inc. grows online

A new digital platform for independent grocers in Vancouver and Calgary has been launched by Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery Inc. (SPUD). It’s called the Be Fresh Marketplace and it bills itself as the “first fresh food digital marketplace in Canada with consolidated delivery.”


Be Fresh Marketplace says it leverages's high-traffic e-commerce website to offer other local sellers a fast way to create an online store and start selling their products. The marketplace uses the technology of SPUD's food delivery platform, Food-X Urban Delivery, to consolidate orders and deliver to customers.


Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery Inc. was founded in 1997 in Vancouver and opened its first store in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood in 2015. Its website features local, organically grown, fresh and frozen produce as well as meats and bakery products. 




Source:  Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery February 4, 2019 news release

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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