Tender fruit leaders

Phil Tregunno, Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario reports full bloom on yellow plums three days earlier than last year and perfect conditions on April 17.

Ontario Tender Fruit Growers have elected their 2017 slate of officers. Phil Tregunno remains chair and John Thwaites is vice-chair. Directors are: Fred Meyers, Dave Enns, David Hipple, Brock Puddicombe, Leo Devries, Rusty Smith, Ryan Schuyler.


The British Columbia Cherry Growers have elected their 2017 board. Sukhpaul Bal remains president, David Geen is vice-president and Graem Nelson is secretary. Directors are:  Andre Bailey, Bryan Key, Chris Danninger, Erin Carlson, Ravi Dhaliwal, Niel Dendy, Neal Van der Helm. “As for market access, we are hoping to hear back from Japan if we will soon be able to do some trial shipments in the near future,” says Sukhpaul Bal. “South Korea also remains high on our list for market access.”

Publish date: 
Monday, April 17, 2017

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