U.S. investigates impact of blueberry imports

Several state blueberry groups, including the American Blueberry Growers Alliance, say too many blueberry imports are undercutting their prices.


According to news reports, U.S. blueberry imports have increased from 50 million pounds in 2005 to nearly 400 million pounds in 2018. Shipments last year were worth US$1.2 billion. Canada’s exports, while relatively small at US$116 million, are nevertheless under the microscope in the latest trade investigation.   


The United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer issued a request on September 29 to the International Trade Commission to start a Section 201 global safeguard investigation. The product description includes not only cultivated blueberries (fresh or chilled) but wild blueberries (fresh or chilled) and frozen products.


Whereas a country-specific investigation could only yield a country-specific remedy, a Section 201 investigation for blueberries must analyze blueberry imports from all countries comprehensively and account for such in any recommended action to the president.


A determination of injury, yet to be proven, must be made within 120 days of receipt of the U.S. Trade Representative’s request.


For details reported by The Packer, link here: https://bit.ly/3nvhSCS


Source: The Packer 

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Monday, October 12, 2020

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