U.S. potato acreage estimates

Idaho Although Idaho does show an acreage increase, it must be remembered that processing companies have announced expansions down in the Burley area and will require additional spuds for that factory. At press time, United Potato Growers of America was not expecting changes in the fresh sector.


Washington Acreage has been consistent with 80% plus destined for processing. It is expected that additional acres have moved from Fresh into Processing this year.


North Dakota and Minnesota It was anticipated that Fresh acreage would be down in these states given the amount of old crop reds left in storage.


Wisconsin Planting has been challenged with a late, cold, and wet spring. At press time some replanting was happening on select farms so acreage numbers may need to readjust. There has been some shift from processing acres into little potatoes.


Colorado Acreage is almost entirely fresh. UPGA had anticipated a slight increase in those acres given severe winterkill in many alfalfa circles this spring so this will need further analysis. Organic acreage continues to increase.


Maine The 3,000 acre increase is a bit surprising, however the chip sector has been expanding slightly.


Oregon Has had a pretty consistent acreage over the last years. Total Fall Crop Fall crop is always the category which we look at most because it does not include those potatoes grown and shipped out early in the season before our crop goes into storage. Fall crop is up slightly but includes needed processing acres and is still 12,000 acres below two years ago.


Canadian Potato Acreage will be released by UPGC on July 19th. 


United States Potato Acreage Planted

Estimate June 29, 2018

Top Nine States

Total Planted Acreage Fall Crop is up +0.4% or 3,700 acres.

Estimated acreage includes all sectors.

Additional acreage was needed for Processing Expansions.


Source: UCPG, June 29, 2018 release

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