Video highlights international farm workers

International agriculture workers are essential to Canadian fruit and vegetable production.  In fact, seasonal workers make up 53 per cent of Canada’s paid agricultural workforce, and help to fill a critical gap between the demand for workers and the supply of available Canadian workers.


That’s the message of the Canadian Horticultural Council’s (CHC) ‘Labour Awareness Campaign’ and the topic of a newly released video.


The council hopes to convey just how much the workers and employers mean to each other in a series of 20 videos shot across the country, for release over the next six months.


The first one features Josh Oulton, TapRoot Farms, Nova Scotia and his close relationship with Jamaican worker, Anthony. Later in November, the film crew will travel to Jamaica to hear from the families of the workers themselves. 


These stories will help increase consumers’ awareness of this important and mutually beneficial relationship, and the role of coordinating entities such as the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program in supporting both employer and employee.


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Thursday, November 8, 2018

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