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Italian professor and viticulturist Stefano Poni spoke at four different vineyards near Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario on August 3 as part of the Triggs International Premium Vinifera Lecture Series. He continued the tour in Kelowna, British Columbia on August 8 and 9.  

Parching temperatures of 35°C greeted Stefano Poni in Kelowna, British Columbia this  past week as the Italian viticulturist continued as guest speaker for the Triggs International Premium Vinifera Lecture Series. The 10th anniversary of the event is organized by the Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) based at Ontario’s Brock University.

 “This series is an important part of CCOVI’s outreach activities to support the national grape and wine industry,” said Debbie Inglis, CCOVI director. “It is crucial that we continue to offer unique educational opportunities to our partners in Ontario and British Columbia.”

While Ontario’s rainy summer has promoted lush vegetation and challenged timing of leaf removal to expose grape clusters, British Columbia is experiencing a hot and dry season. Accordingly, Poni adjusted his counsel about canopy management at Quails’ Gate Winery on August 8 and at Summerland Research and Innovation Centre on August 9. 


On August 8, he addressed the impacts of different practices on managing overall crop development, methods to delay or enhance fruit maturity and timings that will influence final crop quality. For the British Columbia audience, Poni discussed best practices for leaf removal, low input viticulture and high yields, how to create a balanced vine and the use of Scott Henry training systems.


“We like to be sustainable using our terroir, but the issue is to have a remuneration yield with cost reductions,” said Poni. “ It’s not easy but we must make an attempt.” 


For Dr. Poni’s keynote lecture at Brock University, go here:











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Thursday, August 10, 2017

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