Wage hikes for U.S. temporary workers

: In the U.S., wage rates are rising for temporary agricultural workers. Washington state, the number one apple producer, has one of the highest rates at $14.12 per hour. 



Photo: Picking apples in Washington state


Minimum wage rates are a hot issue in the frosty depths of Canada’s winter.


However, the U.S. H-2A temporary agricultural worker program is also experiencing hikes according to Western Growers. As of January 4, rates paid to seasonal workers in California went from $12.57 US per hour to $13.18.


Here are additional rates for some states:

- Arizona, $10.46

- California, $13.18

- Florida, $11.29

- Georgia, $10.95

- Idaho, $11.63

- Michigan, $13.06

- New Jersey, $12.05

- New York, $12.83

- North Carolina, $11.46

- Pennsylvania, $12.05

- Texas, $11.87

- Washington, $14.12


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Sunday, January 7, 2018

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