Jason Deveau offers tips for spray season

There’s no subject that captivates growers more than getting the most bang for their buck with crop protection products. This podcast features Jason Deveau, OMAFRA application technology specialist, based in Simcoe, Ontario. He and his prairie partner, Tom Wolf, have created a humorous video called Micron Woman to explain how spray droplets behave once they leave the nozzle. 


There’s a big difference between spraying the waxy leaf of a cabbage and the vertical leaf of an onion.


Deveau shares the key messaging of the video and offers some spray tips for the coming season.


His take-away message?  “Just once, record all the activities in your spray day. You’ll be surprised at the slow fills, the idling. Claw back some of that time so you can do a better job in the field.” 


Click here to read the story titled 'Micron Woman: guide to the world of spray droplets' in the March 2018 edition of The Grower.




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Friday, March 9, 2018

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