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Jamie Petchell with Eclipse asparagus

Guelph Eclipse and Guelph Equinox, the newest commercial asparagus hybrids from Fox Seeds in Canada, and represented in Europe by Global Plant Genetics, are demonstrating their superior characteristics in a challenging harvest season this year. The recent heatwave that swept across northern Europe put pressure on asparagus spear quality, the like of which has not been seen before in the month of May.


Record temperatures increased the rate of growth of the asparagus spears, meaning that the traditional varieties were more susceptible to open heads, a symptom of class two  product. These new hybrids, however, were able to tolerate these conditions and still produce superb quality, fully marketable asparagus spears.


 “The Guelph Eclipse and Guelph Equinox asparagus varieties form part of a new generation of hybrids that have improved spear qualities coupled with increased yields over previously standard types for green asparagus production in northern Europe,” says Jamie Petchell, Global Plant Genetics.


“We have been working on trials of both for a number of years and it is great to see truly excellent performance on a commercial scale these days. Both types are early to harvest and combine well with the previous release from the program, Guelph Millennium, to form an extended harvest period of top-quality product for growers, retailers and consumers alike.”


Global Plant Genetics is responsible for the seed distribution of the Guelph asparagus hybrids across Europe and has once more seen sales increase this season.


Source:  Global Plant Genetics May 14, 2018 news release.

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