CropLife Canada helps growers manage resistance

Herbicide-resistant pigweed. Photo by Kristen Obeid.

Approximately three out of five Canadian crop growers say they deal with herbicide-resistant weeds, according to a CropLife Canada news release.  "Manage Resistance Now addresses this concern by helping growers adopt best practices to manage resistance and protect crop yield and quality,” says Paul Hoekstra, senior stewardship and policy manager at Syngenta and chair of CropLife Canada.


Best management practices promoted on the website include a combination of cultural, mechanical, biological, and chemical control measures. Visitors can also access resources including videos and case studies profiling growers, crop advisors and researchers from across the country who share their experiences with resistance. is currently focused on herbicide resistance, which has a significant economic impact on Canadian farms - up to $1.5 billion annually due to costs related to increased herbicide use and decreased yield and quality. In the near future, resources will be added to help growers manage fungicide and insecticide resistance.


Growers and crop advisors can join the conversation @ManageResistanceNow and @ProtectYourLand to keep updated on the latest resistance information.


CropLife Canada represents Canadian manufacturers, developers and distributors of pest control and modern plant breeding products and is committed to the stewardship and sustainability of plant science innovations.


Source:  CropLife Canada November 14, 2018 news release

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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