Belchim Crop Protection Canada

Belchim Crop Protection NV has increased its stake in the Canadian subsidiary company, Belchim Crop Protection Canada (formerly Engage Agro Corporation) from 60 per cent to 100 per cent control effective June 17th, 2019. Earlier this year, Engage Agro changed its name to Belchim Crop Protection Canada, strengthening the Belchim brand on a global basis. 


Having recognized Canada as a strategically important country in Belchim Crop Protection NV/SA’s global strategy, Johan DeSaegher, CEO of Belchim Crop Protection NV/SA indicated the latest investment allows further integration and provides synergistic advantages that can be established between the parent company and its Canadian enterprise. 


No other details of the transaction were provided. 


For more information contact Belchim Crop Protection Canada at or 866-613-3336 


Source:  Belchim Canada June 20, 2019 news release

Publish date: 
Monday, June 24, 2019

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