Sunions, first tearless onion

Sunions, the world’s first tearless onion, will be displayed at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit in Anaheim, California October 17-19.


“With the success of last year, our growers made a significant expansion of acreage this year,” said crop sales manager, Lyndon Johnson. “With their support, we’re able to offer Sunions to more retailers and expect to be in more than 10,000 stores. The consumer feedback has been tremendous -- not only do they love the tearless aspect but also the incredible sweet flavour of the onion.”


Sunions’ tearless onions, a long-day sweet onion variety grown in Washington and Nevada, was bred by Nunhems Vegetable Seeds using traditional methods. Growers say the sweet onion is not only tearless but also has a distinct crunch and sweet flavour. “Sunions are unique in that they become sweeter and even more tearless the longer they store. We triple test them and don’t release until they’re ready,” Johnson added.


Sunions are backed by a marketing plan including geotargeted digital advertising, point-of-sale materials, produce manager education, social media content as well as consumer advertising and public relations campaign.


There are no plans to sell seeds of Sunions in Canada at this time. However, Sunions will be available through retailers in western Canada starting in December 2019. Look for specifics at 





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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

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