Pilot for Commercial Deal Accelerator

Ontario Agri-Food Technologies will receive up to $100,000 in cost-share funding to design and launch a pilot project called the Commercial Deal Accelerator.  This project will connect early-stage agribusinesses that have innovative ideas, with corporate investors to create commercialization activity.


 Funded through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, this project is expected to create sustainable, private revenue streams for agri-food and agri-tech entrepreneurs in Ontario.


"Innovation is key to all aspects of agriculture, including how we commercialize new technologies," said Tyler Whale, president, Ontario Agri-Food Technologies. "Importantly, the governments' support will help Ontario maintain its leadership role in the ag-tech ecosystem, thus supporting a primary economic driver of this province and country."


Source:  OMAFRA January 10, 2020 news release

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Monday, January 13, 2020

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