Nature Fresh Farms provides on-site health services

For both domestic workers and those from abroad, access to a mobile health clinic is a novel and needed service in the Leamington, Ontario area.  Nature Fresh Farms has started the service with the Windsor-Essex Community Health Centre (weCHC) as of January 23.  


Nature Fresh Farms became the first greenhouse to offer the weCHC mobile clinic health and personal support services to its employees. The 38-foot bus was parked outside of the Leamington, Ontario plant 1 greenhouse offering services including diagnosis and treatment of conditions, counseling and brief intervention services, system navigation, and referrals to all employees in need.


The mobile clinic alternates between the company’s Plant 1 and Plant 2 facilities every week providing on-site health care services. Employees can make an appointment between 10:30 AM to 2 PM with eight slots every Thursday. A nurse practitioner is available for consultation who will provide immediate care and ongoing support as needed. This is a confidential service, by which all information will be kept on file and available for employee’s personal health services to access.


“The weCHC Mobile Clinic treats illness or injury but can also serve as family doctor for our local and foreign employees seeking proactive health care,” explained Jeff Gagnon, corporate compliance director at Nature Fresh Farms. “Wellness is an important value at Nature Fresh Farms, and we are very appreciative to have this program offered to our employees currently at two of our locations.”


 “The programs we offer at Nature Fresh Farms are meant not only to attract and maintain employees, but to provide them with the best possible care,” shared general manager of Nature Fresh Farms, John Ketler. “We understand that many of our employees are busy balancing work and home life or coming from abroad who are in need of convenient forms of access to healthcare. This mobile unit brings a convenient, simple and quick way to provide diagnosis and care of what they may be experiencing.”


Source: Nature Fresh Farms February 11, 2020 news release

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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