Favourable planting conditions for potatoes across Canada

Michel Camp, CP Farms Ltd., seeding potatoes near Taber, Alberta.

Many Canadian potato growers have been dealing with a difficult two months with an unexpected backlog of processing potatoes as a result of decreased sales of French fries. They have no ready home due to shut down of food service and restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


However, growers always look forward to getting into the field and planting a “new” crop, says Kevin MacIsaac, general manager, United Potato Growers of Canada. “Fortunately for most areas, planting conditions have been very good, allowing growers to get their 2020 crop into the ground in a timely manner.”


As of May 28, Prince Edward Island is 70 per cent complete in seeding, while most other regions are 75 to 90 per cent done. In British Columbia, growers will be digging the Warba variety in early June. Due to the warmer climate, this variety was planted as early as February 28. 


Complete details are here: https://bit.ly/2TQc75n


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Crop Transition Conference, which provides a good snapshot of the transition schedule from old crop into new crop, will not be held physically this year in Minneapolis. MacIsaac reports that the meeting will be conducted virtually on Friday, June 19.  


 Source:  United Potato Growers of Canada, May 28, 2020



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