Perennia launches orchard tool Iphone app

Perennia has launched the Orchard Tools iPhone app. Michelle Cortens, tree fruit specialist, says it is customized to help growers record data about apple fruit and to quickly make decisions.

“The vision for this app started over a year ago when we tested a preliminary version during our thinning trials,” says Cortens. “We were so happy with how it performed that we decided to add more tools and flexibility! Check out the main features in the graphic and note the tools that help with fruit thinning decisions.”


Tutorials are available for learning how to use the fruit diameter tool to track fruit growth rate. Then use the data you have collected in the predicting fruit set model for thinning decisions. 


Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc. is a provincial development agency with the mission to support growth, transformation and economic development in Nova Scotia's agriculture, seafood, and food and beverage sectors.


YouTube Tutorials can be found here:


Source: Perennia Food and Agriculture June 8, 2020



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Monday, June 22, 2020

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