Weather events affecting apple harvest

Smoky conditions are hampering the apple harvest in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. Not only are hazy skies a hazard for workers but lowered temperatures and lack of sunshine imped the final finish for apples.


On September 17, the Penticton Western News interviewed. Sam DiMaria, Bella Rose Orchards, Kelowna who said that the effects of the U.S. wildfires combined with a shortage of workers are worrisome for the entire industry.


“The whole apple growing industry in the Okanagan is already on its knees,” DiMaria said. He expects some growers to exit the sector.


Meanwhile, Environment Canada has issued weather warnings for Nova Scotia, expecting at least post-tropical storm effects of high wind and heavy rain for September 22 in the Annapolis Valley.


Perennia horticultural specialists says that winds can damage plant tissues and offer an entrance for fire blight to infect apples. A system such as a hurricane can deliver bacteria from long distances. A trauma event can occur even in cold temperatures. 


Like the recent Canadian potato harvest report, the final tally on the apple crop won’t be known for weeks.


Source:  Penticton Western News/Perennia bulletin 




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Monday, September 21, 2020

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