South Essex Fabricating partners with Robovision

South Essex Fabricating (SEF) has signed a partnership agreement with Robovision to pave the way for the research and development of deep-learning software and enhanced AI robotics for the agriculture industry. 


Peter Quiring, owner and CEO of South Essex Fabricating, virtually sat down with Jonathan Berte, CEO, and co-founder of Robovision to finalize details on their partnership which is now rapidly underway. 


“Over the next few years, we will see the horticulture industry rapidly shift towards an automated, data-driven system – not designed to take away from industry jobs, but instead to remove the mundane processes attributed to many of the day-to-day growing functions,” says Quiring. “Simply, AI advancements will give us a greater output both in quality and quantity without changing the natural elements throughout the growing process.”


SEF, a leader in premier greenhouse fabrication with more than 20 years of horticulture experience, is teaming up with AI powerhouse Robovision to develop advanced robotics and algorithmic software. Both companies will be at the forefront of their industries by combining much-needed high-tech machines backed with AI capabilities to standardize and regulate labour-intensive tasks. 


The goal is to use AI in a way to enhance the wisdom and experience of the head grower, by allowing the continual exchange of information between human and machine. Sustainable vegetable production relies on utilizing the abundance of plant science, which now can be clearly accumulated with Robovision’s algorithmic platforms. Using those science-based findings will allow us to create customized, automated products that result in high-quality yields with less contamination and waste. 


“No matter what industry you do business in, AI is the future, and we are here to embrace that,” concludes Quiring. 


Robovision can close the gap between European technology start-ups and concepts and the North American market,” says Jonathan Berte, co-founder and CEO, Robovision. 



Source:  South Essex Fabricating September 1, 2021 news release 

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Thursday, September 2, 2021
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