The Certhon Harvest Robot makes debut in Netherlands

The Certhon Harvest Robot can detect the fruits and sense which tomatoes are ready for harvesting thanks to advanced vision technology. The robot moves in multiple directions to find the optimum position and route for harvesting. Thanks to smart cameras and lighting, the robot can harvest day and night. In the near future, the harvest robot can also scout the yield and measure the climate and health of the plants, including the functionality to protect for pests and diseases.


Haruhiko Kato, chief technical officer at Certhon says: “Each crop is unique and the crops’ conditions change every day. Therefore it is very important that the robot’s motion adapts to any height, direction and growth speed. By teaching the robot all these skills, we can really change the way we grow.”  

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Source:  Certhon September 6, 2021 news release

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Monday, September 6, 2021

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