Farm Touring

Touring around farms would definitely rate as a good day for me; the above picture would be an accurate representation. I try to stay in the back, being quiet and listening, but invariably I end up popping my hand in the air with too many questions to choose from. Call me curious, call me nosey – I may slow down, but I’ll never stop.


Part of the draw is this industry. Don’t misinterpret, wandering around livestock operations is an education, but every dairy farm has cows and cash croppers generally have the same core group of crops. Horticulture, on the hand, is so diverse. Put ten fruit and vegetable growers in a room and ask what they grow – the answers will cover a lot of produce. Even more so if the crops are broken down into subcategories.


Having such a range of crops, challenges, solutions, and experiences packed into one sector means that the industry as a whole can benefit from the deeply diverse pool of knowledge. Then, solving an issue may mean borrowing a neighbour’s wheel instead of reinventing it. Even when giving tours, I’ve picked up tips and tricks.


My favourite tours are usually those that are spontaneous; just a farmer showing off the place. Fair warning, if I’m asked if I want a tour, the answer will always be yes. Everybody has some unique aspect to share and there is nothing wrong with showing it off. It might be the wheel someone else has been looking for.


Publish date: 
Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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