It's paperwork season

I can see you rolling your eyes after reading that, either because you do it and don’t enjoy it, or because you’ve been avoiding doing the paperwork to get the certificate. Before you go twirling your eyes for a second loop, step out of your shoes and think about certification as a consumer.


Guidelines are there to protect people. Car companies have to prove their vehicles are held together with more than binder twine and spit under the chassis. It’s good to know that the dentist who’s about to drill into a tooth actually learned how. And, I love flying partly because I know that the pilots haven’t ignored a check engine light before hurling a human can of sardines down a runway.


 Certification makes consumers feel safe. It also protects suppliers. Having certificates and documentation shows that companies have done everything within their power to ensure that the product (be it a car, a filling, or a vacation flight) is safe. This isn’t ‘just knowing’ that the container of fruit is safe to eat, it’s being able to prove it. The standards in Canada regarding food production are high and that is good for all involved. Certification takes it one step further and organizes those standards that are equally applied to everyone.


Do I think it will become easier? In time as we all get used to it, yes. Do I think that we’ll be less frustrated with the paperwork? In time, yes. Does that help when the auditor is flipping pages in dead silence? Probably never. But that only adds to the satisfaction of acing the audit in the end.

Publish date: 
Thursday, November 24, 2016

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