Grocery code of conduct proposal expected in March 2022

Ten leaders representing a cross section of Canada’s grocery industry continue meeting weekly to hammer out a Code of Conduct for the industry, though the federal government is not expecting concrete elements of a proposal until March 2022. 


Canadian Grocer reports that the recent federal, provincial, territorial agriculture ministers agreed that an update in December 2021 is acceptable.


One of the issues is whether the code would be regulated by government or managed by industry, and if it’s the latter, how would it be enforced.  The Retail Council of Canada and the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers have opposed a regulated framework while Empire Company Ltd and Food, Health and Consumer Products Canada proposed a code that’s enforced by government.  


A government-regulated system is problematic in that different codes would be required for every province to meet provincial laws. 


The members of the Food Industry Code of Practice Design Team include:     


-  Denise Allen, Food Processors of Canada

-  Diane Brisebois, Retail Council of Canada

-  Mathieu Frigon, Dairy Processor Association of Canada

-  Michael Graydon, Food, Health and Consumer Products of Canada

-  Marcel Groleau, Union des producteurs agricoles

-  Rebecca Lee, Canadian Horticultural Council

-  Ron Lemaire, Canadian Produce Marketing Association

-  Scott Ross, Canadian Federation of Agriculture

-  Gary Sands, Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers

-  Kathleen Sullivan, Food and Beverage Canada


Source:  Canadian Grocer November 26, 2021

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