For more than 3,100 participants in CanadaGAP, winter is a time to prepare for the busy season ahead. Look to the program’s website for the most frequently asked questions – and answers – about agricultural chemicals, personal hygiene facilities and water for fluming and cleaning.

Consumers are critical of products that generate plastic waste and packaging companies are responding. C-Pack uses ultrasound to weld fruit and vegetable netting. The German company will be exhibiting at this year’s Fruit Logistica in Berlin from February 6-9.

Nearly 60 per cent of food produced in Canada is lost and wasted annually. Second Harvest reports on what can be done about the food waste crisis after landmark research conducted by Value Chain Management International. The report was a year in the making with 700 frontline food leaders.

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre researchers hope that federal funding will help them build a network to accelerate development and commercialization of labour-saving agricultural technologies.

Food recalls from romaine lettuce to cauliflower have been generating headlines. A new $1-million gift to hire food safety expert Prof. Lawrence Goodridge and to expand other initiatives couldn't have come at a better time.