A multi-year deal with Kraft Heinz Canada ensures that Highbury Canco, its employees and contracted growers in the Leamington, Ontario area will continue producing brands such as Heinz beans, Heinz tomato juice and Classico pasta sauce.

Almost $6.3 million from the Federal Economic Development Agency for southern Ontario will help Bioenterprise create a single-source virtual network. The agency is expected to provide support to 200 businesses.  

With the increase of Ontario’s minimum wage to $14 per hour, some employers may be unaware that they are at or over the $490,000 threshold for the employer health tax. Check with your accountant.

Ontario’s 200 berry growers will benefit from cost-shared government funding to increase marketing presence, monitor soil health and expand knowledge of crop production.

The U.S. is Ontario’s largest agri-food trading partner, with two-way trade in 2018 valued at $29.6 billion in Canadian funds. Of that, Ontario growers send $1.5 billion of vegetables to southern neighbours.