Few women and few applicants under 30 join the ranks of truck drivers.What can be done to improve the image of this important role in the produce chain asks Jennifer Morris. 

Provincial issues such as the future of the Ontario Food Terminal continue to simmer over the summeragainst the backdrop of a fall federal election reports Gordon Stock.

Photo caption: Red sandstone cliffs and a farmer plowing a potato field in Prince Edward Island. Photo by Brian McInnis.

A cold, wet spring dictated a late planting of potatoes in eastern Canada. In western Canada, where acreage is increasing, the crop would benefit from rain. Statistics Canada will release seeded acreage numbers on July 18.

Eric Johnson explains the impact of the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program for his Jamaican community. He’s one of the workers employed by Lingwood Farms in Ontario.

Thanks to plentiful rain, it’s a big crop of Ontario strawberries this year. Diane Cooper, Strawberry Tyme, explains the benefits of protected cover for strawberries grown on tabletops near Simcoe, Ontario.