John Jamieson

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity has hired John Jamieson as its new president and CEO. Most recently, Jamieson served as deputy minister of agriculture and fisheries, and deputy minister of rural and regional development in Prince Edward Island. He was also a past executive director of the Prince Edward Island Federation of Agriculture.

British Columbia’s strawberry, blueberry and raspberry industries will be receiving $200,000 in federal and provincial government funding on an annual basis for the next five years. The investment is in berry breeding to supply best varieties suited to the local climate.

L-R: Rebecca Lee, Jocelyn St-Denis, Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau, Ron Lemaire, Bill George, Ken Forth, George Gilvesy

Leaders of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association and the Canadian Horticultural Council met with ag minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and other parliamentarians on May 7. It’s the last advocacy event before the federal election.

Bloyce Thompson is adding extra roles to his daily routine of milking Holstein cows. He is Prince Edward Island’s new minister of agriculture and land, justice and public safety and attorney general.