It is very important to know what herbicides have been used on any land prior to planting a new crop, to determine if there will be concerns with herbicide residues. In this article, see the re-cropping intervals required in certain crops. 

Kubota Canada Ltd. announces the construction of a new facility in Pickering, Ontario. The $67 million undertaking will host its head office, warehouse, training areas and more.

The trade show at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association will open at 1 pm sharp on Wednesday, April 25 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Don’t miss the Learning Lounges on the trade show floor.

Luna Sensation is available for the 2018 season.  The systemic fungicide targets highly problematic diseases such as sclerotinia rot, powdery mildew, and monilinia.

Syngenta Canada Inc. has received registration of Revus fungicide as a potato seed treatment for the suppression of pink rot and control of seed‑borne late blight in potatoes.