Fresh herb companies join

Effective November 1, Evergreen Herbs Ltd of Surrey, British Columbia and Jaycee Herb Traders of Guelph, Ontario are now partners under the new banner of Green Thyme Herbs Ltd.


According to a company news release, large and small national retailers as well as food service companies will now have convenient access to single source of fresh herbs, organics and specialty produce.  Locally grown and sourced worldwide, the herb and produce specialists have been providing fresh herbs, microgreens, specialty vegetables, exotic fruits and gourmet edibles as well as certified organic herbs for more than 20 years. 


“Evergreen Herbs has a longer growing season which has allowed us to work out certain techniques for finicky herbs and produce, and Jaycee has a larger importing operation,” says Ron Brar, president of Evergreen Herbs. “It’s a perfect match and both parties are really excited about it! This strategic partnership will also allow the discerning consumer to purchase “Grown in Canada” products coast to coast for up to 10 months of the year.”


“Both companies have known each other for a long time and it made sense to bring the east and west together, to extend our delivery services of branded fresh herbs, organics and specialty produce,” says Wolfgang Breisser, vice-president of Jaycee Herbs. 


Green Thyme Herb’s sophisticated logistics system includes the use of air freight as well as company-owned trucks, enabling them to provide 24-hour turnaround from order to delivery. 


Evergreen Herbs was started in 1996 in Surrey, British Columbia by two brothers who wanted to help their father expand his farming. They switched from growing traditional crops such as potatoes and onions to basil, mint and kale.  After attending a Canadian Produce Marketing Association conference in Calgary, their order list grew significantly from 40 to 140 acres.  Today, the company offers a wide range of fresh specialty herbs, edible flowers, specialty vegetables, microgreens and more. 


Jaycee Herbs was founded in 1995 in Guelph Ontario. The small family-owned business grew quickly, providing fresh herbs to large retail chains across central and eastern Canada. They moved to a larger facility to handle baby vegetables and exotic fruit. Expanding into the United States in 2004, Jaycee Herbs’ distribution centres in both Guelph and Atlanta, Georgia are the hubs for delivery to food service and wholesale houses in North America. 


For more information, contact Alan Daser at 604-576-2567 or email

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