Steaks on hooves

Occasionally, when people learn that I’m from a vegetable farm, they say: “Oh, you’ll really like me then, because I’m a vegetarian.”


I’m never quite sure how to respond to that for a few reasons.


Firstly, I am not nor ever will be a vegetarian because I like meat too much. Secondly, I have an affinity for leather jackets. And cowboy boots.


It’s the third reason, however, that keeps me from responding. I have friends that raise animals for food and I can’t dissociate the idea of rejecting eating meat from the idea of rejecting their hard work. For me, refusing to eat meat is telling them that there is something inherently wrong with what they do.


Thus far I’ve chuckled along with the vegetarians, thanking them for supporting our sector of agriculture. And I understand when people make choices about their diet due to health reasons. But to cut out a portion of or an entire food group completely based on biased news or opinions, I can’t support that decision.


One vexing time was when a particularly outspoken vegetarian assumed that I had some sort of axe to grind against animal agriculture because my family farm grew veggies. As I repeatedly pointed out that she was insulting my friends, she kept responding how horrible they are. The worst part was that she was so sure of her opinion because she had a pet horse. I had no response for that one.


So, yes, I have pointed to cattle out in a field and pronounced them ‘steaks on hooves.’ I have a clear understanding of where my food comes from and it’s only tastier, when it’s Canadian made.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017
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