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Autonomous sprayer
Autonomous sprayer
April 04, 2022

Hol Spraying Systems announces that Provide Agro will be the Canadian dealer for their autonomous orchard sprayers, three of which will arrive in fall 2022 in preparation for the 2023 growing season.


Back in 2021 AgXeed and Hol Spraying Systems teamed up to create an intelligent sprayer that perfectly fits to AgXeed’s AgBot 2.055W3. The integrated solution out of an AgBot and the HSS ISA sprayer is exclusively distributed by HSS and their distribution partners. The market rollout starts in Europe in May 2022.


In Canada, robots have been purchased by three progressive fruit growers for use in 2023. 


Provide Agro strongly believes in this kind of technology and will be the local and first point of contact to serve these customers. The winter period will be used for training on the operation of the system, for service training and to digitize, by the help of GNSS mapping, the different orchards where the AgBot will operate.


The need for intelligent systems in the ag and food market is growing rapidly.


Growers are facing new challenges: the demand for the complete documentation of growing processes, the aim to reduce soil compaction, the lack of labour, the reduction in the number of crop protection products, the need to reduce chemicals in the environment, and in the end, the need to improve work-life balance. 


The AgXeed and HSS autonomous system is linked to a web portal through which all orchard processes are stored. The well-balanced 55kW fully autonomous three wheel robot hooks up standard implements and an intelligent orchard sprayer, which in turn reduces drift by 99 per cent compared to standard orchard sprayers. 


Link to this video: 


Source:   Provide Ago April 1, 2022 news release

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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 4 April 2022