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Canadian Produce Marketing Association 2023 Canadian Customer Report
Canadian Produce Marketing Association 2023 Canadian Customer Report
June 05, 2023

The Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s (CPMA) Canadian Customer Report is the latest addition to its market research which provides members with the most current data specific to the Canadian fresh produce industry. The report aims to share a better understanding of who the true fruit and vegetable customer is.


According to this exclusive report:


• 58% of consumers cite high prices as a roadblock to greater produce purchases which increased by 17% from Q1 2022.


• Local produce has the highest level of positive purchase intent, at 83%, followed by packaged produce at 65%.


• 19% of consumers consider themselves responsible for advancing sustainable packaging while 68% put the responsibility on producers and retailers.


• 41% of organic produce consumers prefer to see organic produce integrated with conventional produce.


“At CPMA, we are making a concerted effort to better understand the people who give us our purpose,” says CPMA president, Ron Lemaire. “By continuously asking the questions that matter to produce professionals in our research, we help produce businesses get to know Canadian consumers, resolve issues, and uncover opportunities for the betterment of our industry.”


The data outlined in this report was collected by CPMA’s market research partner, Execulytics Consulting, in January, February, and March 2023. CPMA members can access the full report by logging on to CPMA’s Community.


Source: Canadian Produce Marketing Association June 5, 2023 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 5 June 2023