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Photo courtesy Nick Ploeg
Photo courtesy Nick Ploeg
February 17, 2023

United Agri Products Canada Inc. (UAP) and Sipcam Agro USA, Inc. are launching Downforce, a new fluazinam-based fungicide. It’s available now in Canada to prevent disease from getting into your crop.


Fluazinam is a preventative multi-site contact fungicide that has been used since 1988 and in Canada since 1992 to protect crops. It acts by inhibiting the germination of spores and preventing the development of infectious structures within the plant.


“Downforce is effective preventatively, to be sure, for either ground or aerial application. Apply Downforce no later than 14 days before harvest in potatoes or after early pod formation in soybeans.” says Willy Gubbels, eastern sales manager with UAP.


Downforce (500g/L fluazinam) is available in convenient 10L jugs, with each jug able to treat 41.5 – 62.5 acres of potatoes or 21.25 – 28.5 acres of soybeans. The liquid formulation makes mixing easy, and the low rates help save time and money.


“Group 29 fungicides are at a low risk to develop resistance and have strong residuals on your leaves,” says Adam Sheppard, manager of agronomy services with UAP. The recommended spray interval is seven ton10 days for most crops and is recommended for use as part of your Integrated Pest Management program.


The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has approved Downforce for the control of an array of diseases such as white mould, late blight, clubroot and downy mildew on a broad range of crops, including potatoes, soybeans, ginseng, berries, cantaloupe, carrots, cole crops and more. The complete list of diseases controlled and crops protected are here:


Source:  UAP February 16, 2023 news release



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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 17 February 2023