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September 19, 2022

A statement, issued jointly by FMC Corporation and Farm Management Canada, acknowledges publicly that FMC Corporation is the owner of the registered trademark “FMC”.


FMC Corporation (FMC) is an agricultural sciences company that advances farming through innovative and sustainable crop protection technologies. The product offerings in Canada include Authority brand herbicides, Aim EC herbicide, Express brand herbicides and Coragen brand insecticides.


From its industry-leading discovery pipeline to unique application systems and modern biological productions, FMC is passionate about bringing new and unique solutions to growers around the world. For more than 130 years, FMC has been rooted in agriculture and innovation, and continues to earn the trust of growers and industry partners to maximize their productivity, profitability and sustainability.


Farm Management Canada is passionate about farm business management and committed to developing, delivering and connecting Canada’s farmers and farm management enthusiasts with leading-edge farm business management resources, tools and information to help foster resilience and prosperity on Canada’s farms. For more than 30 years, Farm Management Canada has been a national champion for farm business excellence and a leader in bringing a farm management lens to Canada’s agricultural sector to ensure sustainable growth and competitiveness for Canada’s agricultural sector.


Through this statement, we jointly acknowledge and advise to the general public that “Farm Management Canada” shall not be shortened to “FMC” in any written, printed or online publication going forward except when coupled with “GAC” (representing the French translation of Farm Management Canada to Gestion agricole du Canada) as used in Farm Management Canada’s website URL and social media channels (e.g.,


FMC Corporation may, at its own discretion, enforce its rights to the “FMC” trademark against any third parties for improper or unauthorized use.


We thank you for your understanding and look forward to continuing to serve the agricultural sector in our unique ways.


Source:  FMC Corporation and Farm Management Canada September 19, 2022 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 19 September 2022