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Ontario peaches
Ontario peaches

The Ontario Tender Fruit Growers are excited to announce the beginning of the 2024 tender fruit season, marked by the availability of a variety of delicious fruits throughout the summer months. Consumers can look forward to yellow plums, peaches, and nectarines arriving in stores the week of July 8, with blue plums, grapes, and pears making their debut from August onwards. 


This year’s tender fruit season is set to be exceptional, thanks to a perfect blend of heat and moisture that has created optimal growing conditions. The balance of warm temperatures and sufficient rainfall has resulted in high-quality crops, with fruits that are bursting with flavour and juiciness. 


Phil Tregunno, chair of the Ontario Tender Fruit Growers, highlighted the positive impact of this year’s weather conditions on the fruit quality. "The late spring weather has been fantastic for our tender fruit. Consumers can expect large, juicy peaches starting early July." 


Ontario is renowned as a prime tender fruit growing region, benefiting from its diverse climates and fertile soils. The province's unique microclimates, created by the combination of the Niagara Escarpment and Great Lakes, provide an ideal environment for growing a wide range of tender fruits and contribute to the exceptional quality and flavour we experience each year. 


"Ontario consumers are always really excited for local tender fruit, especially peaches and nectarines" added Tregunno. “The season is relatively short, making it all the more important to take advantage of the availability of these fruits while you can.” 


In addition to enjoying fresh out of hand, there are numerous ways to incorporate tender fruit into summer recipes. From peach cobblers and plum tarts to nectarine salads and pear preserves, Ontario's tender fruit offers versatile culinary possibilities. Local chefs and food enthusiasts are encouraged to showcase these fruits in their creations, celebrating the bounty of the season. 


Ontario Tender Fruit Growers reminds consumers to support local farmers by looking for the Foodland Ontario logo in grocery stores and farm markets to ensure they are buying the freshest, locally-sourced fruits and enjoying the best of what Ontario has to offer. 


Source:  Ontario Tender Fruit Growers July 9, 2024 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 10 July 2024