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May 26, 2022

CropLife Canada is launching its third season of showcasing Canadian agriculture through Real Farm Lives videos. Gordie and Andrea McKenna, fifth-generation farmers from Newton, Prince Edward Island, share their lives through a potato growing season.


“Most Canadians no longer have a direct connection to the farm so it’s understandable that they have questions about how their food is grown,” says Pierre Petelle, president and CEO, CropLife Canada. “Consumers want transparency in the food system and that’s what we are trying to give them through Real Farm Lives.”


“It might surprise a lot of consumers to know that agriculture is among the most innovative and technologically driven industries in the world. Farmers are sustainably growing more food while adapting to the challenges of climate change. And it’s a story we think more Canadians would like to hear,” says Petelle.


The McKenna family grows potatoes, carrots and turnips, driven by a commitment to sustainability and continuous improvement. Three generations of the McKenna family talk about the challenges and opportunities that come with growing food.


According to research conducted by the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity, Canadians have a high level of trust in farmers but they often have an outdated view of what a farmer looks like.


“Real Farm Lives gives Canadians the chance to hear directly from farmers about how they grow the food they find on their grocery store shelves,” says John Jamieson, president and CEO of the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity “And it helps to tackle some of the misconceptions Canadians have about farmers and about agriculture writ large. I think Canadians will feel a real sense of pride about the work Canadian farmers do to feed Canada and the world after watching these videos.”


Real Farm Lives was developed by CropLife Canada and funded in part by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s AgriCompetitiveness Program. It was also supported by the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity.


To see the video, link here:


Source: CropLife Canada May 24, 2022 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 26 May 2022