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From June 13 to 15, teams from Sollum Technologies, ecoation and Vivent will be on site at the horticultural hotspot of the world that is GreenTech Amsterdam. In the spirit of innovation and networking, the event will provide the perfect setting for these three partners to shine the spotlight on their groundbreaking technology and expertise. 


Taking place at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, GreenTech Amsterdam is a meeting place for innovators and industry leaders in the horticultural sector from around the world. Attendees listen to conferences from a variety of experts and experience new and exciting products and services. AI, vertical farming, and precision horticulture will be among the many topics to explore.


“We have so many vivid memories from attending last year's event," says Louis Brun, CEO and cofounder of Sollum Technologies. "Our LED grow light solution's unique features sparked a variety of fruitful discussions, especially with regards to our SUN as a Service cloud platform's automatic dimming in real time, unlimited multi-zone lighting with custom light recipes in each zone, and a future-proof solution to seamlessly integrate new technologies and innovations. We hope to have many more enlightening conversations as we make new connections this year."


"We are thrilled to be back at GreenTech Amsterdam again and have the opportunity to showcase our innovative technologies to growers from around the world," says Dr. Saber Miresmailli, CEO and cofounder of ecoation. "It's exciting to connect with growers who are interested in using the latest AI-driven technology to improve their IPM programs and increase revenue through better yield forecasting. I look forward to meeting new professionals, our industry partners and existing customers, as we work together to create a more sustainable future for all." 


“We are delighted to be back at GreenTech to showcase recent developments and meet new and long-time friends,” says Carrol Plummer, cofounder and CEO of Vivent. “This year we will demonstrate new machine learning models, including early detection of fungal infections and new nutrient deficiencies. We are keen to demonstrate some key benefits for high-tech strawberry growers and to show how LED settings for both fruits and ornamentals can be optimized, based on Vivent's real-time crop monitoring.” 



Source:  Sollum Technologies/ecoation/Vivent May 30, 2023 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 30 May 2023