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January 24, 2023

UPL AgroSolutions Canada (UPL), a global provider of sustainable agricultural solutions, has introduced its Wave biostimulant in Canada, following registration by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


Wave biostimulant is a highly concentrated, regenerative biostimulant that improves resilience and nutrient efficiency across a wide range of crops, including canola, field peas, corn, soybeans, apples, grapes, and wheat. Using a liquid seaweed extract, Wave biostimulant improves crops’ nutrient uptake, resulting in enhanced plant vigour, growth, and overall health. It also supports vital molecular and physiological processes within the plant, improving its ability to withstand abiotic stress.


Tony Dalgliesh, marketing portfolio manager of UPL North America, said: “UPL is committed to providing more effective, sustainable solutions for growers and with its high efficiency, wide application window, and tank mix capability, Wave is a product growers won’t want to leave out of their input rotations.”


Using its global R&D and distribution footprint, UPL is focused on providing integrated crop protection solutions that empower more effective and sustainable practices at all levels, including environmental, regulatory, product and financial. UPL’s growing biosolutions portfolio provides growers with more options to solve the complex challenges they face in the field.


Canadian growers interested in learning more about Wave biostimulant or any of UPL’s leading product solutions should contact their local UPL AgroSolutions Canada representative.



Source: UPL Canada January 24, 2023 news release



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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 24 January 2023