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A new 24-acre facility has been added in Delta, British Columbia.
A new 24-acre facility has been added in Delta, British Columbia.
February 29, 2024

A new 24-acre greenhouse facility is being completed in Delta, British Columbia for Windset Farms, a vertically integrated producer and marketer of greenhouse-grown produce, selling and marketing more than 2,500 acres of greenhouse vegetable production.


Following the build of its greenhouse in Santa Maria, California, Windset Farms elected to work with KUBO Greenhouse Projects again for its new Delta LED-lit facility. Using sustainable initiatives, including renewable hydroelectric power and biomass boilers, Windset Farms will produce high-quality tomatoes and cucumbers year-round for western Canada, the U.S. and Asian markets.


KUBO's work with Windset Farms on the company's Santa Maria facility involved constructing the company's Ultra-Clima vegetable greenhouse operation. Ultra-Clima exemplifies KUBO's dedication to improved production, maximum food safety, minimum energy and water consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. The Ultra-Clima, in combination with Santa Maria's unique growing climate, allows Windset Farms to achieve record yields for sustainable non-lit cultivation.


"Thanks to Windset Farms' exemplary construction team, the entire 24-acre greenhouse structure in Delta, from foundation to roof glazing, was completed in a record 80 days," says Wouter Kuiper, chief executive officer of KUBO Greenhouse Projects.


With a vision to provide sustainably grown produce for its target markets, Windset Farms enlisted KUBO's expertise in contracting, engineering, manufacturing and construction of the new facility in Delta, B.C. Sustainability is at the forefront of the new build. Dual climate curtains, Ventilation Jet fans and dimmable LED light fixtures will be pivotal in controlling and reducing energy usage. Thermal screens and full light abatement curtains on the roof and side walls will eliminate light pollution. Reverse osmosis and ozone systems are also used for water recirculation.


The first planting of the new greenhouse is scheduled for spring 2024 and in turn, consumers will be able to enjoy year-round local produce. The strategic locations of Windset's production and distribution facilities ensure accessibility to more than 125 million consumers within a 24-hour drive.


"In 2024, our Delta greenhouse facility will become the largest lit greenhouse vegetable facility in western North America, utilizing renewable hydroelectric power and biomass boilers," says Steven Newell, CEO of Windset Farms. "Their expertise and commitment to sustainable cultivation have allowed this goal to become a reality. We're proud to have them as key supply partners on this groundbreaking expansion."


Source:  Windset Farms February 22, 2024 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 29 February 2024