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Colorado potato beetle. Photo by Tracy Shinners-Carnelley.
Colorado potato beetle. Photo by Tracy Shinners-Carnelley.

Already renowned for providing wireworm control in-furrow, Cimegra insecticide is now registered for foliar use on Colorado potato beetles says BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions (BASF). As part of BASF’s commitment to providing solutions to help grow healthy crops, Cimegra delivers effective control against one of the most damaging and yield-inhibiting insects for potatoes.


“Cimegra is a unique product in our insecticide portfolio because it is currently the only Group 30 available on the market,” says Chris Vander Kant, corn, soybeans and horticultural crop manager, BASF Canada. “It’s important to us at BASF to provide growers with alternative options in their integrated pest management strategies as Colorado potato beetles start to develop resistance to other insecticide groups on the market.”


Cimegra works through both contact and ingestion, so it is a powerful tool for growers looking for control of chewing pests. Powered by the unique IRAC Group 30 mode of action, Cimegra provides rapid knockdown and control of tough chewing pests.


The label expansion for foliar use on potatoes now allows growers to control the two toughest pests in potatoes – wireworms and Colorado potato beetles – with one product.


In addition to the label expansion for foliar application in potatoes, the Cimegra label expansion also includes:


-  Brassica head and stem vegetables: Foliar treatment to control diamondback moth, cabbage looper, imported cabbageworm and flea beetles. 


-  Leafy vegetables: Foliar treatment to control diamondback moth, imported cabbageworm, cabbage looper, flea beetles and red-headed flea beetle.


-  Fruiting vegetables: Foliar treatment to control Colorado potato beetle, tomato hornworm and tobacco hornworm. 


-  Leaf petiole vegetables: Foliar treatment to control diamondback moth, imported cabbageworm, cabbage looper, flea beetles and red-headed flea beetle.


-  Sweet potatoes: Pre-transplant soil-applied and incorporated to control wireworms.


MRLs have not yet been established in key export markets, including the United States, to support foliar application to Brassica head and stem vegetables, leafy vegetables, fruiting vegetables and leaf petiole vegetables.


Always read and follow label directions


Source:  BASF Agricultural Solutions November 7, 2023 news release





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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 8 November 2023