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September 07, 2023

Crawford Packaging is now including Ravenwood's Nobac Linerless Label Applicators and Linerless Labels in its product lineup. This strategic partnership provides businesses with access to advanced linerless label technology, improving their packaging operations while promoting sustainability.


The Nobac Linerless Label Applicators have been engineered with flexibility in mind. They can run a wide range of label formats and trays on a single machine, making them an ideal choice for businesses with diverse labeling requirements. Fast and accurate label application significantly boosts production efficiency and minimizes downtime. They are compatible with new and existing production lines, easily integrated, and can be linked to scales or run standalone.


Linerless labels eliminate the need for a release liner, resulting in significant material savings and a substantial reduction in environmental impact. They are fully recyclable. With up to 40 per cent more labels per roll compared to traditional labels, companies can reduce the frequency of roll changes, further improving their production efficiency. The ability to print on both sides of the label maximizes space utilization and enhances branding opportunities.


"We are delighted to bring Nobac Label Applicators and Linerless Labels to the Canadian market through our partnership with Ravenwood Packaging. The linerless label technology offers tremendous benefits for a broad range of applications, providing efficient labeling solutions while reducing waste and improving sustainability efforts," said John Ashby, president of Crawford Packaging.


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Source:  Crawford Packaging September 6, 2023 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 7 September 2023