CropLife Canada announces new chair

CropLife Canada is holding its annual Grow Canada conference in Calgary, Alberta from November 30 – December 2. It’s the national trade association representing the manufacturers, developers and distributors of plant science innovations, including pest control products and products of plant breeding innovations, 


Bryce Eger, president of Corteva Agriscience Canada, is now chair of the CropLife Canada board of directors. 


“The agriculture industry has endured a tremendous amount over the last few years between the challenges associated with the pandemic and some extreme weather conditions,” says Eger. “But agriculture has also captured the attention of government and the public like never before. We delivered in a time of crisis and agriculture has been widely recognized for its ability to contribute to Canada’s economy. It’s an exciting time to be in agriculture.”


CropLife Canada is coming to the end of its current strategic plan and will be embarking on a new strategic plan in the summer of 2022 that will lead the association through the next three years.


“The landscape is changing but the need for CropLife Canada’s leadership remains greater than ever. As global climate policies continue to evolve, the plant science industry has a critical role to play in terms of being a solutions provider – and a partner to both government and farmers when it comes to helping agriculture reach net-zero,” says Eger.


CropLife Canada’s president and CEO, Pierre Petelle, is also looking forward to continuing to elevate the association’s work on behalf of members and the broader agricultural community under the leadership of the board of directors.


“We are committed to continuing to advocate for science-based regulations for pesticides and products of plant breeding innovations both here at home and around the world,” says Petelle. “The pandemic has highlighted the importance of science and innovation with the development of safe and effective vaccines. We need to support the same kind of science and innovation in agriculture that will be critical to helping farmers be more productive, more sustainable and to compete on the global stage.”

The CropLife Canada board of directors for the 2022 year are:



·     Bryce Eger, Corteva Agriscience

·     Al Driver, Bayer CropScience

·     David Hansen, CANTERRA SEEDS

·     Glenn Houser, Cargill Limited

·     Trish Meyers, Federated Co-operatives Limited

·     Casper Kaastra, Sollio Agriculture

·     Jonathan Sweat, BASF Canada

·     Trevor Heck, Syngenta 


Board of directors

·     Suzanne Beattie, Premier Tech Home & Garden

·     Boyd Bergstrom, Nufarm Agriculture Inc.

·     Scott Bolton, UFA Co-operative Limited

·     Darren Dillenbeck, FMC Agricultural Solutions

·     Bruce Harrison, Nutrien Ag Solutions Canada

·     Todd Hyra, SeCan

·     Trent McCrea, UPL AgroSolutions Canada

·     Greg McDonald, WinField United Canada

·     Russ Reich, Richardson International Limited

·     Karen Stephenson, Scotts Canada Limited

·     Cornie Thiessen, ADAMA Canada


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Thursday, December 2, 2021

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